26 November 2015
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The World's Fastest Ducting

  • EASY TO INSTALL: No rivets, screws, tools, or welding needed. Just clamp together by hand.
  • LEAK-TIGHT Laser Welded Ducting Seams
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE: Available in galvanized and stainless steel.

How Our Ducting Works


This illustration shows how quickly and easily the clamp works.
A standard length of pipe is shown clamped to a standard elbow.
All standard length have rolled edges rolled edges over which
the clamp fits tightly.


Where a non-standard length of pipe is needed, the standard pipe is cut to the approximate length. Then an O-Ring is slipped over the straight end of the pipe and serves as the rolled edge. The non-standard pipe is then inserted into th slip joint to create the desired length.

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QuickFit Ducting Video

News from Duct Monkey

New Products from Duct Monkey

  • CARZ Explosion Isolation Flap: In case of explosion the internal flap will be forced closed and seal off the approaching flame front.
  • Heavy Wall Ducting: For transporting abrasive materials or meeting engineer specifications for heavier gauge material
  • Mist Recycler: Captures mist near the pick-up point and returns it to the machine to reduce costs.
  • Quick Seal Clamp: Revolutionary “overlap” design and longer handle ensure the tightest seal possible.
  • Sliding Access Panel: Easy, tool-free ducting access to clean clogs or maintain equipment.
  • Standard Duty Automatic Gate: Save energy and money by using this value-priced robust blast gate to shut off airflow.